• Abacus Insights

    Cloud-based data management and interoperability platform built specifically for healthcare

  • Alacura

    Alacura provides data analytics and network optimization services to manage air medical transportation utilization.

  • Axial Healthcare

    Axial Healthcare is connecting the prescriber, treatment and substance use recovery community with an end- to-end platform that delivers personalized solutions—from risk to recovery.

  • CareCentrix

    CareCentrix provides home-based benefit management services to reduce costs related to 90-day post acute care, DME, home visits, home drug infusion, and sleep studies.

  • CarePathrx

    CarePathrx is a comprehensive pharmacy solution serving patients with specialty pharmacy and/or chronic conditions.

  • Contessa Health

    Contessa partners with hospitals to deliver essential elements of inpatient, observation, post-acute, and palliative care in the patient’s home leading to safer, more coordinated care.

  • emids

    emids offers software development, systems integration, and consulting services to HCIT vendors, payers, and providers.

  • Essence Group Healthcare

    EGHC is a holding company for Essence Healthcare, a 5 star Medicare Advantage health plan, and Lumeris, a platform that enables Plans and Providers to transition to value-based care.

  • Healthify

    Healthify is a population health management and care coordination platform for helping providers and payors meet the needs of members’ social determinants of health.

  • Healthspring

    Healthspring is a chain of primary care medical centers in middle and upper-middle class areas of Indian cities with aspirations of offering insurance products and functioning like an integrated system.

  • Heartflow

    Heartflow provides the most accurate diagnostic test for coronary artery disease, benefiting physicians, patients (non-invasive), and payers (lower cost).

  • ID Experts

    ID Experts provides a platform for digital identity protection services, data breach services, and medical fraud monitoring.

  • Ideal Option

    Ideal Option provides clinic-based outpatient medication assisted treatment for individuals with substance use disorder in non-urban locations.

  • Lumiata

    Lumiata offers an AI-powered analytics platform to help health plans and other organizations precisely identify and manage risk at the individual level.

  • Octave Bioscience

    Octave Bioscience is a complex care management and clinical decision support platform for multiple sclerosis (MS) that improves diagnosis and treatment selection.

  • Oncology Analytics

    Oncology Analytics provides utilization management services, prescription benchmarking analytics, and AI-Chemo medication assistant for members

  • Owl Insights

    Owl Insights integrates measurement-based care and clinical analytics for behavioral health.

  • Patientco

    Patientco facilitates the presentment, tracking, and payment of medical bills for providers, patients, and health plans.

  • Perspectum

    Perspectum provides the most accurate, quantitative, non-invasive imaging biomarkers for fatty liver disease.

  • Picwell

    Picwell provides an enterprise software platform that leverages AI and predictive modeling to provide benefits decision support and holistic risk planning for members.

  • Prove

    Prove provides a mobile-focused identity authentication and data management platform improving member engagement, reducing operating costs, and streamlining digital processes.

  • PWNHealth

    Technology and physician platform facilitating lab testing for consumers directly online, through their employers and via health plans.

  • Quilted Health

    Quilted Health provides evidence based, community centered care that is designed to meet the needs of pregnant women and families.

  • Solera Health

    Solera Health builds integrated community-based and virtual provider networks to deliver disease management programs and social determinants of health interventions.

  • Somatus

    Somatus is a comprehensive kidney care program that aims to slow the progression of chronic kidney disease and increase utilization of home-based dialysis for end-stage renal disease patients.

  • SonarMD

    SonarMD provides a value-based program for conditions with high variability in cost and clinical outcome that utilize specialty pharmacy drug treatments.

  • Thrive

    Thrive provides a preventive screening diagnostic that detects multiple types of cancer earlier through a blood sample.

  • Upward Health

    Upward Health provides a whole-person approach to improve outcomes and reduce costs for high-risk, high-need patients by addressing underlying behavioral and social gaps in care

  • Verata Health

    Provides an artificial intelligence-based set of products for both payers and providers to improve the prior authorization process.

  • Wellframe

    Provides a software platform that integrates with health plan care management and customer service departments to increase productivity and efficacy

  • Wider Circle

    Wider Circle is a social benefit manager focused combating loneliness leading to lower medical expense, decreased attraction, improved STAR rating, and increased enrollment.

  • Workit Health

    Workit Health partners with employers and health plans to help find individuals at risk for substance abuse, aid in prevention, and manage addiction recovery via online programs.

  • ZeOmega

    ZeOmega provides software to help health plans and other risk-bearing organizations coordinate medical and population health management, including transitions to value-based care.


  • AbleTo

    AbleTo delivers cognitive behavioral therapy to members with chronic or episodic conditions through a tech‐enabled platform to reduce medical expenses from avoidable treatments.

  • ArroHealth

    ArroHealth is a full-service risk adjustment platform that helps health plans identify, code, and report medical conditions in its populations.

  • Aspire Health

    Aspire provides palliative care services for patients with advanced diseases, giving the patients extra support and helping them manage their pain and disease symptoms.

  • Bloom Health

    Bloom is a private exchange platform that enables employers to transition to defined contribution models.

  • Change Healthcare

    Change Healthcare is a cost transparency and engagement platform for Plans and employers.

  • ExactCare Pharmacy

    ExactCare is a Long-Term Care pharmacy at Home that deploys “clinical liaisons” to help poly-chronic and at-risk patients manage complex medication regimens.

  • Healthbox

    Healthbox supports the growth of healthcare startups through its studio programs and cultivates innovation at large health systems.

  • Initiate Systems

    Initiate Systems is a master data management platform that enables enterprises to leverage and share critical data assets across disparate platforms and systems.

  • InVivoLink

    InVivoLink is technology that coordinates care and optimizes quality for orthopedic and spine programs.

  • naviHealth

    naviHealth manages post-acute care for Plans with a platform that directs patients to the right care setting and prevents readmissions.

  • Nexidia

    Nexidia provides customer interaction analytics for call center audio and text to generate cost reductions and service improvements.

  • Phreesia

    Phreesia provides applications to manage the patient intake process, engage patients, and enable healthcare organizations to optimize their staffing and enhance clinical care.

  • Physera

    Physera offers personalized triage and virtual physical therapy programs improving patient experience and reducing musculoskeletal (MSK) costs.

  • SwipeSense

    SwipeSense is hand-sanitation platform that leverages a portable device and real-time data analytics to reduce hospital acquired infections.