BlueCross BlueShield Venture Partners invests in technologies, products and services in the healthcare industry that promote efficiency, lower costs, and provide more consumer options. Investments are made from seed through growth stages in domestic companies.

The following are the primary areas of focus:

  • Health IT
  • Informatics
  • Administration and Back Office
  • Health Programs
  • Consumer Driven Solutions
  • Healthcare Finance

BCBSVP’s objective is to promote innovation in the healthcare industry. The Fund provides capital and value to portfolio companies through strategic relationships with Blue Cross and Blue Shield Plans. In line with BCBSVP’s focus on long-term, strategic partnerships, the Investment Team emphasizes relationship building, thoroughness, and a willingness to help entrepreneurs. We respect entrepreneurs and recognize how hard it is to build a business.

Typically, BCBSVP invests $5 to $15 million over the life of an investment, depending on stage of company and capital need.